A sampling of Native American stone constructions found in the State of Rhode Island

"whether these stone structures are massive or small structures, stacked, stone rows or effigies, these prayers in stone
              are often mistaken by archaeologists and State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPOs) as the efforts of farmers clearing
                                 stones for agricultural or wall building purposes"  
( USET Resolution No.2007:037 )
 "since time out of mind"


Propped, Perched and Pedestaled Boulders

Stone Rows

Platform Cairns

Manitou Stones and Standing Stones

Chambers, Shelters and Niches

Split Filled and Wedged Boulders 

Stone Rings and Circles 


Destroyed Site. Canonchet, Rhode Island
Every site is mute and if we don't speak for it, it won't speak for itself

A newsletter edited by Princess Redwing
 and Ernest Hazard and published by the Narragansett Tribe of Indians in 1935 and
1936. It includes short articles by a variety
 of writers on the culture, history, and politics
 of the Narragansett Indians. It also includes religious and poetic writing, lessons in the Narragansett language, advice from community leaders, and a "milestones" section documenting births, deaths, and other life transitions.

            List of all publlications


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Rhode Island Videos

Serpent Effigy

Rock Shelter 
with a circle of 5 standing stones in front

Q-1 Cairns

Slide Show
(Slide Show. 30 minutes long)

Ceremonial Stones 1
(Slide Show. 9 minutes long)

Ceremonial Stones 2
(Slide Show. 16 minutes long)

Manitou Support Stone.

The South County Esker

Niche with stonework and seat .

Miner's Wall

Stone circle with a Manitou Stone and donation stones.

Virtual field trip to a serpent effigy.

Serpent Geoglyph

Recently found Sites in R.I.

Serpent Geoglyph

20 feet long stone row linking a standing stone, niche and 2 boulders. Part 1

20 feet long stone row linking a standing stone, niche and 2 boulders. Part 2

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